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Tailor-made tours in Ethiopia

Whether you have a group of friends curious to discover the beauty of Ethiopia, a family looking for a relaxed and child-friendly adventurous holiday, ex-pats that want to discover bits of their host country or adoptive parents that want to return to the origin of their child, our Travel Experts have the creative and logistical expertise to put together itineraries that are suited to the needs your group at a price that's right for you.

All itineraries below are just to give you some ideas of what is possible. In the end each trip is customizable according to your wishes. You choose your standard of lodging, your guiding language (English, Italian, Spanish, French or German) and activities in close exchange with your personal Travel Expert.

Ethiopia Holiday to the Historical Highlights

Duration: 11 days From: $ 1,690

Go Green and Off the Beaten Track

Duration: 13 days From: € 1,560

Bike & Hike the Ethiopian Highlands

Duration: 11 days From: $ 2,940

Insights into Southern Ethiopia

Duration: 12 days From: $ 2,850

Trek the highest peaks at the Horn of Africa

Duration: 15 days From: € 2,380

Southern Ethiopia’s Cultural Treasures

Duration: 8 days From: $ 1,380

Nature Escape at Lake Tana's Northern Shore

Duration: 2+ days From: $ 100

Hiking & Wildlife in the Jamma Canyon

Duration: 1+ days From: $ 55