Our Story

It was our social and ecological commitment in Ethiopia as well as our love for this country that brought us together. Find out more how our tour operator business was born some years back and learn about the highlights of our success story.

How it all began?

In 2010 and in the following years there was a steady increase in the number of tourists visiting the Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia. However, there was a lack of professional and well organised trekking tour operators. This was one of the reasons that motivated the four senior guides and friends Solomon Girmay, Tadele Molla, Birhan Asmamaw and Yirga Mekuriaw to found the first company of this kind in the Gondar and Simien Mountains area. They were also united by the idea that part of the profit generated should be used for various projects to preserve the natural and social balance of the country, especially in the most sensitive areas. Thus the idea of SimienEcoTours was born.

Diversification & Professionalisation

Successively their friends Franziska Gerling from Germany and Marco Degasper from Italy, who share this commitment as well the love for this country, joined them and brought in their own international expertise. After a short start-up phase the 6 friends founded SimienEcoTours in 2014.

Quickly, the company grew way beyond the borders of Simien Mountains and trekking only. The wide country knowledge of all shareholders helped to design the first trips to further Ethiopian sights and destinations. Pushed by the passion of its owners, SimienEcoTours quickly became one of the first responsible tour operators of the country highly engaged in offering a more sustainable tourism.

Our way towards becoming one of the leading sustainable tour operators in Ethiopia

With our background and experience in different fields and sectors our tours give a deep insight into the rich Ethiopian culture and nature. Customer reputation grew and so the company. With currently 15 permanent employees we have the capacity to strive towards a more sustainable portfolio and also have the power to shape the Ethiopian tourism industry towards a greener and sociable future.

Each of our itineraries for our guests consists of a firm idea, a pleasure to explore landscapes and cultures that we want to preserve and communities and economies that we want to support.

Moving forwards

For some years now our network is extending in all directions of Ethiopia and beyond. People from various cultures and different social environments are involved, such as cooks, cleaners, porters, drivers, cultural guides, muleteers, coordinators, assistants, mountain guides, and each one of you who joins us on a tour. For us it is an important concern to treat all persons, who are involved in this small network with their professional and hard work, with respect and fair payment, because only then we all can be part and not just consumers of this network.

Visionary future

We are not at the end yet! Ethiopian tourism is still young and there is still so much room for new and visionary ways to be paved. It is our vision to become a driving force for a better and sustainable tourism in Ethiopia..