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1st newsletter: July 2021
(1st newsletter, Tigray conflict, Covid-19, What did we do so far?)

2nd newsletter: October 2021
(New Ethiopian parliament, Travelife partner, Ride the Rift outdoor adventures)

3rd newsletter: January 2022 
(Melkam Genna from Lalibela, Ride the Rift, Ethiopian diaspora, travel to Ethiopia safe?)

4th newsletter: May 2022
(Update from Tigray, New itineraries, Ride the Rift growing bigger, Youtube channel Lorenzo)

5th newsletter: September 2022 
(First big groups, New group tours, First aid course, On the German TV, Exhibiting, New staff)

6th newsletter: November 2022 
(A peace deal for Tigray, New destination, Among Ethiopia Specialists, Paragliding)

7th newsletter: March 2023
(Sustainability certification, ITB Berlin, National Geographic, Group tours, Help affected people)

8th newsletter: September 2023
(Tigray reopens, Rastafarianism explained, on the Ethiopian TV, 2 new UNESCO sites, Training)

9th newsletter: January 2024
(Gurage CBT, ITB Berlin, Photographers, Film crews, Group tours, Tourism exhibition)