Construction of a water well in Mekarebya

Project status: Completed, water well operating

SimienEcoTours contributed to the construction of a water well in a small village in the Simien Mountains: Mekarebya, home village of Solomon. The money was collected in Italy by Marco of SimienEcoTours, while Yirga was part of the committee composed of:
1. Sisay Mekuanint - chairman
2. Azanaw Kefyalew - vice chaiman
3. Yirga Mekuriaw - secretary and in charge of finance
4. Dagnew Belete - Adi Arkay administarion (Woreda)
5. Habtu Zewdu - Adi Arkay water and energy expert
6. Manalebsh Mersha - Mekarebya

Yirga played a significant role throughout the whole project, from the selection of the site, the correspondence and relationship with the local authorities, the organization of the tender for the works, the monitoring and controlling during the construction period, to the final take over. Even though several small problems and difficulties accompanied the project in its initial stage, it was completed successfully. Therefore the committee is taking into consideration the construction of another water well.

The construction site of the water well View of the water well
Yirga helping in the mixture of the cement Everyone is helping
Worker Kess Kassahun refining the water well Yirga inspecting the water well
Refining works of the water well Yirga checking the inspection hole
Marco drinking well deserved talla after work Marco with some kids and the water well
yirga_and_marco_discussing_about_the_finishing_works.jpg yirga_marco_and_worker_kess_kassahun.jpg
Yirga and Marco discussing about the finishing works Yirga, Marco and worker Kess Kassahun
people_at_the_new_water_well_of_mekarebya.jpg group_photo_with_yirga_marco_and_children_of_mekarebya.jpg
People at the new water well of Mekarebya Group photo with Yirga, Marco and children of Mekarebya
UNICODE water_flowing_from_the_new_well.jpg
Children taking water from the new well Water flowing from the new well
children_taking_water_from_the_new_well.jpg children_transporting_home_water.jpg
The construction site of the water well Children transporting home water
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