This is an overview of our projects, both completed ones as well as ongoing or future plans:

Wheelchaircenter Addis Guzo Wheelchair Center in Addis Ababa
Project status:
Current major project, ongoing
Waterwell in Mekarebya Construction of a water well in Mekarebya
Project status:
Completed, water well operating
Rubbish dumps Installation of rubbish dumps in some camp sites
Project status:
Completed, possible further improvements
Runners Support of the running group of Debark
Project status:
Project going on since several years
Handicapped children Support of Debark's Elementary School for handicapped children
Project status:
First part of the project completed, extension possible
Beekeeping in Limalimo Beekeeping project in Limalimo
Project status:
Project going on
Beekeeping in Masha Beekeeping project in Masha
Project status:
Project existing, to be implemented by SimienEcoTours
Waterwell in Michibiny Second water well in the Simien Mountains
Project status:
In planning phase

Feel free to contact SimienEcoTours to obtain more information about a specific project.

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