• Biking along the Jamma Canyon in Ethiopia

New Ride The Rift Adventures in Autumn 2022

Posted by Marco on Wed August 31, 2022 in Get inspired.

Learn how to combine community trekking, mountain biking, running and some classical visits all in one exciting outdoor adventure with Ride the Rift, a collaborative response to the Corona pandemic by SimienEcoTours and three other tour companies to re-energize the tourism sector.
These tours are designed for active travellers and outdoor freaks, and we present you here plenty of options to choose from among the Ride the Rift Special Offers we're planning to stage in autumn 2022.

We help you planning an outdoor trip to Ethiopia

The Ride the Rift initiative aims to introduce new destinations and hidden places to travellers in Ethiopia and offer opportunities to experience the beauty of these places while participating in cycling, running and hiking activities. Between the four companies there are many decades of experience of working in Ethiopia, organising trekking, cycling and running tours and events, and developing community tourism where relationships from village to local government level are carefully managed.

For each month September to November we offer these combination of packages which can be booked singularly if your time in Ethiopia is limited or in combination if you want to explore the country in a deeper way. All of them are group tours with one or more English speaking guides and a good bargain for travellers who want to keep an eye on their wallet.

September: Meskel Gurage Tour & Northern Explorer Trek

24 September to 9 October 2022 - From $2,300 per person - Shorter options available

Ride the Rift presents a biking adventure followed by a tour taking you to some of most stunning and memorable places for tourists in Ethiopia: biking and experiencing the Meskel Festival in the Gurage Highlands, exploring Lalibela’s labyrinth of churches, trekking in the Meket Highlands among local farmers, paddling kayaks on Ethiopia’s largest lake and touring the majestic Simien Mountains ending your tour in Gondar and its romantic castles. For more information follow this link to the tour.

October: Jamma Canyon Tour & Northern Explorer Trek

10 to 24 October 2022 - From $2,280 per person - Shorter options available

Enjoy a biking adventure to the ‘Jamma Canyon of Ethiopia’ with Ride the Rift exploring canyons just to the north of Addis Ababa with waterfalls cascading out of the highlands alive with emerald crops having first explored some of most interesting and beautiful places in Ethiopia: Lalibela where you will explore the town’s labyrinth of medieval churches, the Meket Highlands where you will trek in stunning scenery and hosted by the local farmers, the majestic Simien Mountains with its unique wildlife and dramatic landscapes, Gondar with its romantic castles, and the Wof Washa forest along the Great African Rift Valley escarpment. For more information follow this link to the tour.

November: Ankober Charity Challenge, Great Ethiopian Run, Northern & Rift Valley Explorer

12 November to 5 December 2022 - From $3,040 per person - Shorter options available

This tour combines two great sporting events for people of all levels with a chance to see different landscapes and cultures of Ethiopia. You get to: explore the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia including Lalibela and the Simien Mountains; you take part in the Great Ethiopian Run, Africa’s biggest mass-participation run and one of Addis Ababa’s biggest street carnivals; you discover the string of lakes with its own wildlife and culture in the Great African Rift Valley; and you participate in the Ride the Rift charity bike ride challenge along the edge of the Rift Valley beside Wof Washa Forest. For more information follow this link to the tour.