No matter if you prefer flexibility and are an individual traveller, if you are planning to visit Ethiopia with a larger group or if you want an all inclusive tour, we are confident that we will find a solution tailored for you, guaranteeing of course the respect of our policy and guidelines that assign us to conduct a low-impact and alternative kind of tourism, so-called ecotourism.

All hikers interested to do a Trekking Tour in the Simien Mountains for a limited time (4 days / 3 nights) are welcomed to join our common tours with fixed departure dates in order to share the costs with more people.

Starting from 2016 and with our new partnerships with other local and international operators we offer some alternative products. For example, we are the first in Ethiopia to offer kayak- and canoeing tours, in this year on the lakes in the Great Rift Valley, probably in 2017 also in the big rivers in the West of the country and in some biosphere reserves.
Also (contemporary and modern) art tours in Addis Ababa are something that, as fas as we know, nobody else in Ethiopia is offering.

Follow these links if first you want to learn more about Ethiopia and its natural and cultural attractions.

When booking a tour please consider also our General Terms and Conditions.

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