Mountain Biking on the Ethiopian Highlands


Since 2018 we're offering mountain biking tours in Ethiopia.
Especially the mountains in the North of Ethiopia offer vast possibilities and have huge potential for mountain biking tours. Of course the itinerary can be planned in a way that you won't miss the important tourist sights.

Our Mountain Bikes

We're equipped with 21 new MTB of Scott, as follows:
- no. 9 Scott Scale 980, 2018 model,
- no. 12 Scott Scale 980, 2019 model.
This is a full list of our bikes with all details (sizes): download bike list

mtb2018.jpg mtb2019.jpg
2018 Scott Scale 980 (9 pieces) 2019 Scott Scale 980 (12 pieces)


For some inspiration have a look on the video here (courtesy of one of our Swiss clients).


Here you find some photos of our last tours.

About 2000m descend at Limalimo
In the Gheralta Mountains
The roads around Gheralta
In the mountains above Lalibela
Leaving from Lalibela
mtbadw1.jpg mtbadw2.jpg
Adwa Mountians in Tigray Region

Feel free to contact us for possible itineraries and prices.

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