Frequently Asked Questions

For general travel advises see also the dedicated section tips and hints.


1. What is the best time to visit Ethiopia?
Ethiopia is said to be 13 months of sunshine, however, June, July and August are in most parts of the country rainy months, making the period from September onwards the best time for travelling. Consider that in the South or some other regions rainy and dry season are slightly different.

2. What sort of clothing is recommended?
It is advisable to bring both warm and light clothing especially fast drying light clothes are recommended in warmer areas and jackets for the mountains. Anyway the equipment strongly depends on the destinations of your travel as well as on the season.

3. How is the standard of Hotels?
Hotels can be arranged or booked depending on your enquiry. There are different ranges of hotels and price classes, especially in Addis Ababa, but also in other tourist destinations.

4. Is it safe to travel in Ethiopia?
Honestly speaking Ethiopia is one of the safest countries in Africa, and in all tourist destinations travelling is safe especially if you are accompanied by the staff of a recognized tour operator. Only few areas close to the boarder to neighbouring countries are sensitive areas.

5. In which way can I get an entry visa?
You can arrange it in your country, but the easiest way to get an entry visa is at the Bole International Airport upon arrival. The current price is 50 USD for 30 days. Beware that the visa upon arrival can't be obtained by citizen of all countries. So you have to get reliable information time ahead before departure.

6. Do I need special vaccinations to travel in Ethiopia?
No vaccination is mandatory, but we recommend consulting your private doctors or any other health expert to suggest some vaccinations and checking on the Internet before departure to find the up-to-date and recent health information in the country.

7. What should I do with travel insurance?
We strongly believe that having travel insurance is important as it helps in certain unexpected happenings that need quick reaction.

8. Do you have access to book international and domestic flights?
Yes, we can help you in booking flights, especially the domestic ones (only Ethiopian Airlines), which sometimes are cheaper if booked in Ethiopia.

9. Is there any flexibility in your time schedule?
Yes, of course. Our itinerary can be flexible depending upon customers’ interest.

10. Is there any possibility to have a custom trip?
Yes, of course. You can let us know your special interests and needs in advance so that we can offer you a customized tour.

11. How big is the group size of the tour?
Our tours welcome groups of different size, so individual, small, medium and large groups.

12. Is there any age restriction?
We do not have age restriction for older people but we suggest a medical checkup for travelers starting from the age of 65. Family travelers with their children are welcome. We believe that to travel independently one has to be at least 18 years old.

13. Can you arrange a trip for disabled people?
Yes, we do, but we need to have specific information about special needs of the disabled person ahead of time.

14. What are your means of transportation like?
For all trips we offer vehicles that are fully equipped and the following classification:
- Transfers for small and medium sized groups: modern robust mini buses
- Transfers for large sized groups: coaster buses
- For city tours: mini buses, coaster buses and private cars
- For areas outside of cities: 4WD and special buses

15. Are we accompanied by a tour guide in the trip?
Yes, all of our trips are accompanied by a guide.

16. How early should the trip be booked?
It is worth to book a trip some months before departure and even more for special festivals and events, but consider that adaptations and other enquiries are always possible.

17. How much deposit has to be paid in advance?
Upon confirming 20% of the total amount. The remaining amount should be settled upon arrival. Payments are usually performed via bank transfers. Payment with credit card is also possible (in our office in Gondar).

18. What is the trip cancellation like?
Cancellations which are made 25 days before departure will be free from penalty and the confirmation fee will be fully refunded. Cancellations made 14 days before departure will have 50% penalty and cancellations made 7 days before departure will have no refunds. However postponements of dates are usually possible.

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