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Photo Gallery: Beautiful Ethiopian Faces

Posted by Marco on Thu January 27, 2022 in Get inspired.

We’ve just been to Lalibela for Ethiopian Christmas around 7th of January, and we took this opportunity to catch some of the magic moments with the lens of our photo cameras. These pictures also show that the Ethiopians do really have beautiful faces. If you don’t agree, check these photos all taken on the Christmas day in the labyrinth of the ancient churches hewn out of the bedrock in the 12th century.

Here in Ethiopia we just celebrated Christmas and Timkat, which are, beside Easter and Meskel, the most important festivities for the Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. These celebrations are attracting tourists as well as local pilgrims to the most important and holy places such as Lalibela and others. And they are a great opportunity for all visitors to experience the deep spirituality of these holidays. Here following some pictures that we took with our cameras on the Christmas day on January 7, 2022.