Installation of rubbish dumps in some camp sites

Project status: Completed, possible further improvements

There are 3 campsites in the Simien Mountains (Sankaber, Gich, Chenek) that are by far the most visited ones, especially by foreign visitors. Some of the infrastructure is still missing because of the rapid growth of tourist numbers and missing public funds to allow the National Park Administration to provide all necessary infrastructure and services.
For example there were missing some bins, containers or dumps for the rubbish, until our guides acted on their own initiative: So the “Walia Guide Association”, domiciled in Debark with our guide Solomon as chairman, installed some rubbish dumps in the 3 mentioned campsites.

Birhan with the rubbish dump in Chenek The waste dumps installed in the 3 campsites Sankaber, Gich and Chenek
The waste dump installed in the Gich camp Yirga with the new rubbish dump in Gich
Yirga checking the rubbish dump Trying to solve the problem of the aluminium
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