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Gondar, Kebele 12, House No. 8M
Owned by Marco Degasper, Franziska Gerling, Solomon Girmay, Tadele Molla, Birhan Asmamaw, Yirga Mekuriaw
General Manager: Marco Degasper
Investment Permit No. EIA-IP/023299/07
Registered Activity: Tour Operation (Grade One)
Registered Capital: 4,990,000.00 Birr
Commercial Registration Certificate No. MT/AA/2/0037858/2009 of 04.01.2017
Competence Certificate by Ministry of Culture and Tourism No. 395 of 14.01.2015, renewed yearly
Business License No. MT/AA/03/94629237/2009 of 18.12.2018
VAT registration No. 9738640006
TIN No. 0043589138

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