Support of Debark's Elementary School for handicapped children

Project status: First part of the project completed, extension possible

As one can suppose, conditions in Ethiopian schools are generally poor. The infrastructure of Debark's Elementary School is not catastrophic - compared to other schools of the countryside where school buildings are made of wood and clay and children have to sit on stones or on the ground. Debark has “normal” buildings, but there is still a group of children whose life is very hard. These are the disabled and handicapped: blind, deaf, mentally disabled or whatever they may be, they are discriminated. There is a lot to do in Ethiopia in respect to discrimination, not only of handicapped and disabled persons, but also of girls and women in general, homosexual and different orientated persons, sick persons and people in poor health, etc. Life is hard enough for normal people, and even harder for those.
We thought to support the children of this school, because of the direct relation we have to these kids and their families in Debark. The first contribution was not very big, but we intend to extent it to a richer program for the future. Through friends from abroad we would like to organise the supply of special school material that cannot be found in Addis Ababa or elsewhere in Ethiopia, but has to be imported from abroad.

Yirga with school director, teacher and Azanaw Blind students during class
Yirga with 2 new dressed deaf-mute boys Marco, Yirga, Azanaw and the director distributing support
Hands up means thank you Happy children after the visit

Update November 2014

In November 2014 Marco Degasper returned to the school with a group of 8 tourists from his home country South Tyrol in Italy. Special tools for writing in Braille have been donated, besides some clothes for the poorest. We also talked with the director and Azanaw about a possible larger sponsorship in the future.
This led Marco to contact the regional centre for blind people (Blindenzentrum St.Raphael in Bozen, that was happy to donate for future visits at the school some old but still good materials, which are not used in the centre anymore.

our_arrival_at_the_school.jpg azanaw_and_the_handicapped_children.jpg
Our arrival at the school Azanaw and the handicapped children
tourists_and_kids_together_in_the_classroom.jpg leaving_the_school_happily.jpg
Tourists and kids together in the classroom Leaving the school happily
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