General Terms and Conditions


The logistical and technical organisation of the tours offered in this program corresponds to the tour operator SimienEcoTours PLC (Ethiopian classification “Grade 1”), with registered address in Amhara Region, Gondar, Kebele 12, House No. 8M, in case of need in collaboration with other Ethiopian national travel agencies and airlines.

Conditions of the Contract

Booking any of the travels whose technical organisation is undertaken by SimienEcoTours implies full acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions, which shall be automatically incorporated into the contract. The online description/catalogue indicate the duration, itinerary, prices and services included in the trips. Additional information and possible changes will be communicated to customers with the written itinerary which, together with the General Terms and Conditions, act as the final contract.

Registration and Trip Booking

At the time of registration and booking of a trip the customer will deposit 20% of the total amount of travel, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
No booking is considered firm until the deposit of 20% is formalised. The remaining 80 % will be paid within 14 days before departure, considered otherwise cancelled booking, unless agreed otherwise in writing. Such cancellation will involve expenditure exposed in paragraph CANCELLATION BY THE TRAVELLER.

Booking transfer

If the client does not book the airline tickets with SimienEcoTours, transferring a booking to another traveller is possible. In this case the customer may transfer his booking to a third person communicating it to SimienEcoTours without causing additional costs for either, or the transferee or the transferor.
However, if the customer has booked airline tickets with SimienEcoTours, given the special constraints imposed by the airlines, in case of cancellation of a place there is no possibility of transfer of reservation.


The tour price includes the services listed as included in the catalogue plus VAT, when applicable. Usually it does not include the international flights, travel and health insurance, visa fees, vaccination certificates, extra payments and, in general, any service not specified as “included”. Prices are based on rates of transport (including fuel costs), the currency exchange rates, fees and taxes in effect in 2020. Any significant change in the price of these elements may lead to revision of the final price of the trip. These changes will be notified to the consumer, who, in case the modification exceeds 5% of the tour price, can cancel the trip without penalty, or accept the contract amendment. In no case prices will be reviewed up in the 30 days prior to trip departure respecting bookings already made and confirmed.

Responsibility of SimienEcoTours

SimienEcoTours is liable for the consequences arising from the non-execution of the contract. However, SimienEcoTours will be relieved of this responsibility when there is a force majeure (abnormal or unforeseeable circumstances) including weather conditions or events that neither SimienEcoTours nor suppliers could avoid even having acted with due diligence.
Also it will be relieved of liability when the cause is attributable to the client or a third party.
In the case of air transport incidents (denied boarding for any reason, cancellations, changes or flight delays, loss, delay or damage to luggage, etc.) the customer is responsible for managing the claim of their rights as a passenger according to the regulation of IATA. The cost of lodging, transportation, maintenance, repatriation or other caused by these incidents are not the responsibility of SimienEcoTours.
In case of accident when travelling with vehicles owned or leased by SimienEcoTours, the traveller submits to the legislation on accidents in the country in which enrolment is found the vehicle.

Trip Modifications by the Organiser

If prior to departure the organiser was forced to significantly modify the essential elements thereof, it shall give written notice to the client so that it can choose to cancel the reservation or contract, or accept the changes of the initially contracted trip.
If before or during the trip, SimienEcoTours is unable to provide any of the services paid under the agreed conditions, SimienEcoTours will provide the user a full refund of the price paid for the respective service or replace it by another with similar characteristics.
Any service not rendered will be refunded at the end of the trip on presentation of invoices and receipts. There shall be no refunds for unused services volunteered by the consumer, regardless of the cause of non-use.
Cases of force majeure (abnormal or unforeseeable circumstances) or the suitability of the route to a particular flight plan/transport are considered sufficient cause for modification of the trip.

Cancellation by the Organiser

In cases where the execution of the trip is liable to have a minimum of participants, and so specified in the catalogue, SimienEcoTours may cancel the trip if this minimum number of participants has not been reached, by notifying at least 20 days before the scheduled departure date.
SimienEcoTours may also cancel a trip due to force majeure, that is, those conditions beyond who invoke them, and abnormal consequences of which could not be avoided despite having acted with due diligence. In both cases, the customer is entitled to reimbursement of sums paid, except advance payments as detailed in the subsequent paragraph.

Cancellation by the Traveller

The payment of 20% of the total amount of the trip made by the traveller as advance booking is used to cover the costs of hotels (reservations) and domestic flights, although it may be that it's not sufficient to pay those at 100%. Once SimienEcoTours reserves and pays for these services, SimienEcoTours cannot reimburse the 20% back to the traveller in case of cancellation by him/her because in Ethiopia those providers do not reimburse SimienEcoTours back. The cancellation fees depend on the time of cancellation:
- more than 21 days before departure: 20% of the travel amount
- between 20 and 14 days before departure: 40% of the travel amount
- between 13 and 3 days before departure: 80% of the travel amount
- Less than 3 days before the start of the journey and after the start of the journey: 100% of the travel amount

Documents, Visas and Health

All people enrolled in the journey are responsible for having the necessary documents for the entry and free movement in Ethiopia (passport, visa, health measures, etc.). With regard to consultations, SimienEcoTours acts as an informant, but it is the customer´s responsibility to confirm information with the competent authorities. The client expressly assumes the processing of obtaining these documents.
Children under 18 must present a document signed by the parents authorising them to travel.
Where, due to lack or inaccuracy of required documentation, the client was forced to cancel or abandon the trip, the SimienEcoTours will apply the conditions set out in paragraph CANCELLATIONS.


The luggage of the traveller is not covered by the contract of carriage by land, deemed for all purposes that he always keeps it with him, whatever part of the vehicle it is located, without SimienEcoTours responsible for damage or deterioration that may suffer during the trip.
It supports the carriage of 1 or 2 bags per person with a combined weight not exceeding 20 kg plus handbag.
Regarding air transport, we refer to the conditions of the airlines regulated by IATA.
SimienEcoTours is not responsible for the delay in delivery of checked baggage, nor for loss or damage. The claim will have to deal directly with the airline. SimienEcoTours is committed to work as local mediator to resolve as soon as possible incidents caused by loss of luggage and minimise any inconvenience this may cause the client, unable to promise a satisfactory result despite all efforts and steps taken.

Travelling to Remote Areas

The client has reported the peculiar characteristics of travelling to Ethiopia, especially the limitations in facilities and road infrastructure, hotel and telecommunications, weather conditions, limitations of local professionals, etc.
The detailed itinerary in the catalogue is for guidance and may be modified for reasons beyond SimienEcoTours' control like weather, state of roads, cancelled flights, political problems and other causes of force majeure. In these cases, the final decision will be made by SimienEcoTours in conjunction with the accompanying guide, if any, or in direct communication with the customer.
The client also accepts the possible change of accommodation that occur in situ, if changing it to a category or characteristics equal or superior to those set out in the initial itinerary.

Health and Travel Insurance

Trips booked through SimienEcoTours do not include health and travel insurance. That is why we encourage our travellers to hire health and travel insurance from their country of origin relating to possible cancellation, disease, sickness, accident, lost luggage or other events typically covered by insurance.

Included Services

Included services are specified in “The Price includes” of every trip detail in the catalogue or otherwise agreed in writing. Optional excursions and visits that are not indicated in the itinerary, are not part of the trip and must be contracted and paid by the customer at the destination.


The user must immediately inform the service provider and SimienEcoTours about any issues to resolve about the trip. Claims have to be documented with receipts and invoices and clients have to contact SimienEcoTours in Ethiopia before returning to the country of origin.

April 2020, SimienEcoTours PLC

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