Our Camping Equipment


During our trekking tours you will be accommodated in our new Vaude Campo 3P and Vaude Campo Grande 3-4P tents. These tents are a 3 or 4 persons model, but we accommodate only two tourists. Also the tents have 2 entrances on either side, so that everybody is independent on stepping in and out of them.
SimienEcoTours owns 16 tents of this kind, plus a few others as spare tents.

Dining tents

For breakfast and dinner we will eat in our new dining tents, spacious for 8 to 15 people. It gives you shelter from the cold wind in the mountains or from rain (in rainy season) and keeps insects away.
SimienEcoTours owns the following 4 big dining tents:
- 2 big Hi Gear Zenobia Elite 6 Dining tents, 2,2×6 m, capacity: 15 persons
- 1 big Dining tent, 3×4 m, capacity: 12-15 persons
- 4 big Quechua Shelter Tent Fresh, 3×3 m, capacity: 9-10 persons
- 1 light High Peak Pavillon 14045, 3×3 m, capacity: 8 persons


The mattresses used for sleeping are comfortable 6 cm thick foam mattresses from Rainbow Foam. For a better hygiene we are using removable mattress covers which will be washed regularly.
SimienEcoTours owns about 30-40 mattresses and covers.

Hot water bottels

We are one of the very few (if not the only) company who will provide our customers with hot water bottles for the cold nights in the Simien Mountains. Please consider that night temperatures in the Simien Mountains can fall under 0 degrees. Therefore good equipment is a must and a hot water bottle is a welcomed optional.
SimienEcoTours owns 15 imported new hot water bottles.

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