Beekeeping project in Limalimo

Project status: Project on going

Already 4 years ago, Masresha and his 2 brothers, all from Debark and friends of our guides, initiated this project by starting from a heavily eroded ground, fencing the area, building terraces and planting bushes and trees to avoid further erosion and stabilize the ground.
After 3 years of work on the compound they started bringing colonies of bees from the nearby forest (where traditional cylindrical bee skeps are used) and settling them in new self-made bee houses. Already in the first year, each of these bee houses produced about 25kg of honey. The farm is located in the Limalimo forest in an ecologically undisturbed environment. The product is therefore guaranteed 100% natural and genuine.
We of SimienEcoTours intend to support the beekeeping farm with material such as honey filters as well as by promoting the honey products in the Debark area, also among our clients and other visitors.
To additionally sustain the small but growing beekeeping farm of Limalimo we are using its delicious honey for breakfast or other meals during the treks in the neighbouring Simien National Park.

Location of the farm in Limalimo forest Beekeeping compound with terraces
Newly arrived colony in traditional skeps Masresha with selfmade beehouses
Beekeepers at work Modern beehouses
The service building in the compound Serving the finished product
Enjoying the delicious honey Solomon, Tadele and Marco with the team

Update September 2016

In September 2016 we provided some material, included beekeeping workers protection clothes which were donated/collected by friends in Italy.

receiving_the_material.jpg wearing_clothes_with_solomon.jpg
Receiving the material Wearing clothes with Solomon
wearing_the_head_protection.jpg at_the_farm.jpg
Wearing the head protection At the farm
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