The increasing number of tourists and tour guides on one side, and the absence of organized and structured tour agencies in the Simien Mountains in Northern Ethiopia on the other, were only part of the reasons that motivated friends Solomon Girmay, Tadele Molla, Birhan Asmamaw and Yirga Mekuriaw to form a tour agency, the first in the Northern area. The main reason was to guarantee that part of the income we generate would be spent on different programs and projects to preserve the natural and social balance of the country, in particular of the most sensitive areas. Thus, the idea of SimienEcoTours was born.
Successively their friends Franziska Gerling from Germany and Marco Degasper from Italy, who share this commitment as well the love for this country, joined them and brought in their own international expertise. After a short start-up phase the 6 friends founded SimienEcoTours.

SimienEcoTours is now a registered and fully licensed tour agency based on ecotourism that offers different tours all around Ethiopia, including, but not limited to, the classical tours (historic route with Lalibela, Axum and Gondar, trekkings in different national parks such as Simien or Bale Mountains, etc.), but also alternative products (art tours, kayak- and canoeing,…) and tours with challenging character (long treks) or under extreme climate conditions (for example in the Danakil Depression or Afar Region), guaranteeing in any case a smooth organization and a secure and safe travel through the experienced guides and well equipped facilities.

What makes SimienEcoTours particular and special in relation to most other tour agencies? It is based on responsible travel, pro-poor- and ecotours.

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